Visites Guidées Région Sud

Guided tours of the South region

During your stay in Provence Alpes Côte d´Azur, discover the secrets of the history and heritage of our region with guide-lecturers from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Unforgettable experiences to live in ten essential cities between Provence, the French Riviera and the Alps : Marseille, Nice, Avignon, Aix en Provence, Arles, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Grasse, Toulon and Gap.

Marseille : The Secrets of the Basket

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True historic heart of the Phocaean city, the Panier district, overlooking the Old Port, tells the 2600 year history of Marseille. If his fame is no longer due to “Plus Belle la Vie”, a visit is required to understand its evolution.

From its Greek foundation to post-war constructions, the Basket is full of historical secrets that only your guide-lecturer will know how to make you experience.

This 2-hour walking tour allows you to discover the Cathedral of Saint Mary Major and the Old Charity.

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The Treasures of Old Nice

Guide Nice

The visit of Old Nice with a guide-lecturer offers a rich retrospective that explores the traces of the Ligurians, of the Greeks, of the Romans, Piedmontese and French who influenced the city.

Walk through the narrow alleys around the Baroque cathedral and reach the castle hill. Your guide will explain the social and architectural evolution of the city. He will know, also, make you taste authentic Nice cuisine during a gourmet visit to carefully selected local producers.

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Avignon : The City of the Popes

Guide Avignon, Visite Guidée d'Avignon,

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Avignon is the city of our region which houses the most beautiful Gothic architectural ensemble with the Palace of the Popes, its famous Romanesque bridge and the old quarters protected by the ramparts.

Your guide-lecturer invites you on the path of the Popes who made Avignon the capital of Christianity in the fourteenth century. The history of the city is also closely linked to the Rhône and its world-famous wine production.

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Elegant Aix-en-Provence

Visite Guidée Aix en Provence

Former capital of the county of Provence, Aix en Provence is a city that is organized around its central course, opened in the seventeenth century, the Cours Mirabeau.

Right here, your guide-lecturer tells you the story of the nobility and its mansions that compete in luxury and sumptuous settings.

In the heart of the city, different architectural styles blend together in an urban ensemble of great elegance where local artisans will awaken your taste buds with their creations such as calissons and nougats.

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Arles : From Antiquity to Vincent Van Gogh

Guide Touristique Arles

Listed as a world heritage site’UNESCO, Arles is the city of our region which has preserved the most beautiful architectural ensemble of Antiquity : theater, spas, the amphitheater. Gateway to the Camargue, Arles has preserved unique traditions in France and left an indelible mark in the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

During a two hour visit, your guide-lecturer invites you on a journey through time that takes you from the Roman world to Van Gogh's life, through the beginnings of Christianity, the medieval period and the most ancestral Camargue traditions.

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The Other Cannes

Visite Guidée Cannes

The image of Cannes is spontaneously associated with the Croisette, sparkling in May when the Festival is held. Not far from the glitter, there is another Cannes, more intimate, of which only your guide-lecturer knows the secrets of history.

It makes you discover the traditions of the city in the district of Le Suquet, going up to the Church of Our Lady of Hope. From the belvedere, you can admire the city of Cannes, its coastline and in the distance the Lérins Islands. These islands are famous for being home to one of the oldest monastic communities in our region.

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Mythical Saint-Tropez

Visites Guidées Région Sud

Saint Tropez is not just a place for trendy parties, it is also a very interesting and multifaceted historical site. Small strategic port in the Middle Ages, it experienced its heyday from the 19th century onwards through painters, to writers, to musicians and artists. The movie theater, and show business in general, made it a must-see meeting place during the summer season.

Your guide-lecturer will show you the hidden treasures of the old town, from the Annonciade museum to the Citadel via the Place des Lices and the church dedicated to the martyr Saint Tropez.

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Secret Recipes of Perfumes of Grasse

Visiter Grasse

In 2018, Grasse has obtained the World Heritage of Humanity classification for its perfume-related know-how. A fair recognition for this city considered as the capital of perfume since the 17th century.

In order to know everything about perfume, your guide-lecturer opens the doors to the major perfume workshops. Follow the guide through the alleys of Grasse along a lavender scent trail, jasmine, rose and orange blossom. You will learn how Galimard seduced Catherine de Medici and thus transformed a city of tanners into the world capital of perfume..

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Toulon towards the Horizon

Visiter Toulon

"Most beautiful harbor in Europe" according to Vauban and the leading military port in France, Toulon is a city with a rich history, made of explorations and conquests since its Roman foundation under the name of "Telo Martius".

The guided tour of the port and the city center with your guide-lecturer invites you to embark on an adventure in search of lost murex, of the first explorers who traveled all the seas of the world, by Jean Valjean and Napoleon 1st.

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Gap and the Flight of the Eagle

Visiter Gap

Capital of the Southern Alps, Gap is located on the Napoleon road on the edge of the Ecrins National Park: a strategic location in the heart of unspoiled nature.

In the alleys of the city center, your guide-lecturer will take you in the footsteps of Chevalier Bayard (the knight without fear and without reproach). You will continue towards the hill of Puymaure to follow the Flight of the Eagle, in 1815, when Napoleon 1st, fallen, escaped from Elba to regain his crown of Emperor from King Louis XVIII.

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